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Our Services

Merchandise Assortment Performance

Demand Forecasting

Inventory Management

Assortment Architecture

Sku Rationalization

Pricing Optimization

Attribution Planning

Pre Season Planning

Post Season Hindsighting

Open to Buy Management

Product and Promotional Marketing Campaign Design

Product Development

Physical store and ecom

Retail Operations Solutions

Store Allocations

Replenishment Modeling

Order Management

Supply Chain Management

Online Catalog Management

Purchase order Management

Vendor Management

Omni Channel Program Management

Contract Negotiations

Systems Implementation Omni Channel and Retail Planning 

Partner Identification

Cost and Terms Negotiation

SAAS Implementation

SAAS Integration

SAAS Training

Contract Negotiations

Organizational Design and Transformation

Talent Requirements

Team Development

ROI analysis

Workflow Design

See our Success Stories below as Retail Strategists and Operators

$27M Average Annual Growth over 9 years

  • Open to Buy management and forecasting
  • Assortment development utilizing product attribution and costumer segmentation analytics
  • Implemented and managed order online and ship from store program
  • Catalog expansion and new business creation from 8,000 items to 34,000 items
  • Designed marketing calendar and campaigns for product and promotional initiatives
  • Managed women's apparel, men's apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty, electronics, furniture, home decor, and bedding
  • Transitioned from DTC to Omni operating model
  • Contact Center and Supply Chain service level standardization and oversight

Multi faceted data driven decision making

Industry leading results

Merchandising, planning, and marketing cohesion

Enhanced operating models leading to double digit sales growth and margin gains

  • Developed and implemented an assortment optimization strategy, liability detection methodology, remediation workflows, automations, reporting suite and management policy for Walmart’s owned assortment. Reduced overstocks, aged and unproductive inventory by 25%. Optimized markdown remediation efforts by implementing algorithmic management with a margin improvement of 1k bps
  • Enabled product attribute planning and content quality enhancements
  • Built substitutability modeling for pre season and in season opportunity identification by merging consumer signals, purchase behavior and traditional product attribution methods
  • Guided merchandising and planning teams with data driven channel recommendations

Traditionial merchandising functions enhanced with automations and enriched data

Product and workflow design

Shift to strategic formulation from manual operations

10% increase in private label sales contribution in under 7 months

  • Created incremental private label products to extend consumer reach
  • Designed, implemented and managed a centralized replenishment system for a 500 unit salon network
  • Freed up approximately $5M in working capital
  • Decreased on hand salon operating weeks of supply from 10 to 4

Private label product design and contract negotiations for formula ownership

Centralized inventory control

Increased margin $ contribution through private label expansion

$103M in incremental sales in under 9 months

  • Utilized substatibuility, market and competitive data to identify strategic brand opportunities. Partnered with merchandising, catalog, pricing, sourcing, marketing, and channel teams to commercialize brands across DTC, Walmart, Amazon and Ebay
  • Drove the development of content quality scoring methodology and channel listing workflows that increased productivity by 5x
  • Instituted pre season plan development by sales channel for orgainzational resource allocation and focus
  • Created framework for early trend identification in emerging brands for the purpose of distributor rebate creation and channel sales expansion

Triangulated market, substitutability and competative data to create organizational focus and committment

No growth to double digit sales comps in under 9 months

Expanded Catalog conversion opportunity across all sales channels for operational efficiency and ROI

Extensive Industry and Category experience Ecommerce DTC - Omni Channel - Physical Stores - CPG - B2B

Women's and Mens's Apparel, Accessories and Shoes - Formal Wear - Beauty - Health and Wellness - Home Furnishings - Home Decor - Patio and Garden - Electronics - Automotive - Sporting Goods - Games and Toys 


The Team

During my career I have had to adapt and pivot to varied business models. These include fast fashion, bridal, B2B wholesale, off-price, and most recently CPG. Each of those required new thought processes and unique challenges. The diversity of my background allows me to bring a multitude of experiences to any situation.

fRANK nEWton

Co Founder

I have had the pleasure to work for some of the most innovative organizations within the retail industry. Along the way, I have learned from and collaborated with some outstanding individuals and together have acheived amazing results. Enabling organizations to reach their full potential is my passion. 

andrew rotteveel

Co Founder

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